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Day of Scoop



  • We will try to text a "Day Before" scoop reminder.

  • We will text (or call if no text) prior to our arrival on scoop day.

  • Our Scooper Troopers all wear a bright gold shirts with our "star" logo on the back for easy recognition.

  • You will usually have the same Scooper each time.

  • After we scoop your yard. We then double check using a grid method to make sure we did not miss any land mines.

  • The scooped feces will be DOUBLE BAGGED and tied off before it is placed in your garbage container.

  • We will make sure all gates are secure when we are done.

  • You will receive a TEXT when we leave.

  • As a courtesy, Scooper Troopers will text you a "POOP REPORT" if something is off.  [Examples:  "Poop Report:  Orange plastic in Poop", "Poop Report: Yellow Diarrhea", etc].

                   ** NOTE:  Our Scoopers are NOT Veterinarians.  This is a courtesy

                        only since often dog health can be determined by the dog's feces. 

  • ALSO, check out our "Just the FAQ's Ma'am" page about dog stuff.

  • Our promise is to do the best possible job we can.  If you are not happy then we are not happy.  If there are ever any issues, PLEASE CALL.

  • AND, Thank You for being a customer.  Please become a subscriber and leave a review (on our page and Google too).

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Check out our "JUST THE FAQs" page - Information about "Dog Poop Laws" ,

"Diseases and Bacteria" regarding Dog poop ,

The meaning of your dog's poop , etc

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